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21 Day Fix/ Fix Extreme Real Time (Review/ Results)

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

BOOM! And just like that twenty one days ( well actually 42 days) of nutrition and exercises has gone by like that! I will be honest when 21 Day Fix originally came out, five some-odd years ago it was a hit. There were so many infomercials and result stories that it was hard to miss any 10lbs lost, or 17 inches lost etc. stories.

When I first became interested in Beach Body was when a good friend of mine introduced me to Chalene Extreme (I seriously thought this was her "famous name"), I knew her from those Turbo Fire commercials, and I am not that fast nor am I that coordinated #nope. But she was doing a more Pilates inspired workout program, and since my BFF was doing it, I couldn't say no. At this point in my life, I was still young, I hadn't thought about kids or had any, I had an adult body, but I didn't necessarily have a weight "problem" per se, or even a thought about losing weight in general.

Anyway, I don't know where that was going.... #momlife

Here's the deal, I signed up as a coach in the interim of all this fun-ness and I'm still a coach (hit me up!)

But I am not here to sale you on anything. I was never really an active coach, even though the idea of it is pretty intriguing, I just never really pushed for it (not sure why, I just had other things going on really....). What's that saying, Instead of saying It's not a priority, try saying I'M not a priority, but selling it was just never my thing. Even though I love the sweet girls I have found in my groups to be boss babes at their finest.

Am I ready to show people what I have accomplished through BB (Beachbody)? Hellz yeah I am! (Check it here!)

I worked my booty off for what I got packing in these jeans. And when I say worked, I mean... I live in a household that prides itself on deserts, carbs, and "munch-out" sessions. It was a test ya'll!

Background on the programs:

Originally there was (is?) a program called 21 Day Fix. Well, it just so happens that five years ago it was it breakout in the market with these tiny containers that packed a huge punch with consumers who were struggling to find the balance between food/ and exercise. Simple rules to follow with eating the containers your given in a day. Do your workout, and wham bam your sexy AF.

I am going to lay out what I did the last 6 weeks, EVERYTHING. Actually, I am going to put it in a nice, neat, boring spreadsheet just you can see how simple and easy it can be!

Here it is!!

Meal Prep For 6 Weeks

Here is the skinny or thick whichever you prefer. I prefer to keep my food simple, and the reason is; the less complicated the more I follow the plan. There are tons of Fixate recipes that lay out the portion control containers, and combining to many containers in one meal can really mess you up. I always leave my biggest meals to the morning, then the night. I make sure that those are for my three big ones (protein, veggie, and carbohydrate). Why do I consider this the "big ones"? Because that is going to make a hardy meal (i.e Breakfast: Eggs, Spinach, Sweet Potato, that is going to fill you up, and satiate your appetite for longer). Honestly, there are so many macro/ micro things, that I could not even complicate this or I knew I would bounce on the whole thing. I kept my dinners open, and only planned those with family. Each dinner I had was different but always consisted of a red, green, and yellow container (maybe a few tsp here and there).

If you have questions about your container count, here is a chart that will allow you to calculate your portions.

My routine is usually wake;shake;workout;big breakfast ("big ones");snack;lunch;snack;big dinner;bed at decent hour (if possible).


The difference between the original and the reboot of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme is that the real time version has a variety of different workouts everyday and as the weeks progress so do the moves (which I love!). One of the problems I use to have after have kids was the monotony of the same...workout...week...after...week....#blah

With that being said the reboot is all different moves taken from the original and new and progress weekly to build you up. This is similar to another program 80 Day Obsession (same trainer) that Autumn did a few months back. Same concept, shorter workouts, shorter programs length, and of course, same awesome results.

I will say, the last week of each program is a #doozy, she goes all in on the legs EVERYTIME! I ain't even mad at her, because let's get real, it works.


There isn't enough praise I can give these programs. Was it hard some days?Yes. Did I slip more than once? Yes. But did I die? No.

This is definitely a program geared toward the time limited, food confused, busy life individual. Anyone can do it, even the beginners!

Here is where it got me!!!

If you have more questions, hit me up in the comments or DO NOT HESITATE to contact me via the contact section!

To check out more about this program beyond my results and review, click here for more info!

** This post contains affiliate links, that I may get paid on for a purchase you make. Of course, it doesn't cost you more, but it does help a girl out!***

Until Next Time!!

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