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3 Stylings of White Wide Leg Pants

I swear the story I'm about to tell you, is the truth and nothing but the truth.

I saw the Rachel Comey wide-leg white pants with a whopping price tag of over $300... YIKES!

You already know that I was out to find the most similar dupe. Guess what? I did! I saw these from GAP, and I instantly snagged them. On sale, at that, we are calling this a win!

First off white! I love white pants in any style but these screamed summer, and I am here for it!


Because these are white I thought why not go monochromatic? We all love a white-on-white look. Not only is it clean but, man I felt like a million bucks! With it also being summer it was simple enough to go with a light color for a "lighter" feel on my body.

Neutrals. There is something about soft subtle colors in the hot heat that make my styling mind at ease. It really is just a beautiful color combo. Browns, taupes, and beiges are in my color wheel too, so that is always a plus!

Patterns. When you have such a plain palette (not a bad thing), it is so easy to add texture with patterns with this look. I personally choose blue and white stripes to tie in the white pant, but you can literally add any pattern you love!

These are definitely a staple in my wardrobe. These can be transitioned throughout seasons, and they are a great addition to any closet.


Until Next Time,

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