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90's Denim 3 Ways!

I have always been a huge lover of denim jeans, specifically high-waisted distressed denim. When the 90's (baggy) yet, high waited jeans came on the scene, I was hooked!

I am fully ready to store these in my rotation for... the rest of my life HAHAHAHA!

With jeans that are show-stoppers you really want to go basic with tops. Remember to always stick with 1/3's when it comes to outfits, especially with a strong denim outfit.

Here are some looks to get some great ideas on how to rock the 90s look <3

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Snatched bodysuits are always a great addition to a distressed, baggy denim look. it divides the body enough to make you look more elongated and lean. Instead of just a tucked top that can fall flat throughout wear, a bodysuit keeps its shape and is simple enough to not take away from the style.

Add a belt! Belts are a perfect way to accentuate the waistline. With high-rise denim such as these, it makes sense to want to create a waistline. It also helps that it does kinda give me 90s rock and roll vibes. Add a belt with (again) a simple top for another great way to rock these jeans.

I went a little out here with this one, but hear me out. We have been doing pretty basic looks and I thought going oversized top and bottom may be another awesome option. KEEP it in 3rds. I went with a crop top style and it worked! It was loose and comfortable, and it really did the trick. Not only was this the most comfortable way I styled it, but it was probably the most complimentary.


No matter how you style a 90's denim, they are a must for any closet. Don't be scared of the baggy look, it can be rocked with the most simple of options.

Which 90's denim style would you go for?!

Until Next Time,

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