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Amazon Fashion Share Week

Usually I would be doing my share myself, but this week I am actually sharing with a bunch of gal pals!

And I can't be more excited about it! What I love most about sharing Amazon finds is there are so many different styles and options that we each have that it makes it near to impossible to not find or like something!

Here are the gals I partnered with!




And Of Course ME!

Each girl has something unique about them in style. We have each also saved our hauls in our highlights. Simple go to our pages and view our highlights. There you can replay our try-on's and shares!

I also wanted to share my outfits and looks as I do every month with my @Amazon finds!

Everything is under $50 and spring based!

Shop Here!

I found this floral skirt from Shein, a retailer on Amazon, and I am in love! They had several different color options, and several sizes left! This is perfect for casual or dressing up for a lot of occasions!

Shop Here!

I was a bit skeptical of these shorts but I will say I pulled them off. Definitely size up one because the only stretch they have are in the waist band itself! They button and tie belt are functional. In stories, I removed the belt and actual like them 10x more than originally!

Shop Here!

This was really a 2 in 1 deal. The tank, and the kimono are both from Amazon. Apart they are stunning but together, you can accomplish a date night, family night, whatever night or day look you want! The kimono even doubles as a swim cover!

Shop Here!

I fell in love with this tank from the first sight of floral! The lace adds a sexy appeal too! I would definitely say go TTS ( true to size). I easily dressed it up here, but it can be paired with shorts and tennis shoes for a more casual look.

Shop Here!

My last and favorite look is these biker shorts!! They are seriously the best, next to leggings of course! Even the color has me on next level heart eyes! These can be used as a casual look, like here, or even with a crop top for a day at the gym, Either way there are my new obsession!

I hope that you enjoyed all of our shares!! Make sure to click the links to each girls name and check out their highlights on IG for a few review of the hauls!

*This post contains affiliate links. That means I may be compensated for a purchase you make though the link I have provided in this post. If you have any questions please read through my Privacy Policy.**

Until Next Time,

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