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Athleisure Styles (We All Need)

I captioned my Instagram to say "Athleisure" is not even a word in the dictionary, and why is that? I feel like this type of style resonates with just about every human on this planet.

Yes, it is a lowkey simple look, but who doesn't want to do all the errands while being stylish but also comfortable?

I think leggings originally got a bad wrap. They were of the cozy snag for most moms, however, it was always the better option when trying to wrangle children throughout the day. I mean the range of motion, am I right ladies?

But, alas, the days of leggings and a workout top have evolved into a moment, and I think I speak on all of humanity's behalf, when I say, this moment is here to stay!


I styled this simple workout set from Amazon. Not only is it the most basic of colors, but it is also the most basic of styles giving me the freedom to add as I needed. This style is an oversized half-zip pullover and it covers the "booty area" which most prefer. I also wanted to bring in some cozy, because I am trying to manifest some 60-degree weather!

Workout Set, Half-Zip Pullover, Tennis Shoes

Look we want to bring in all the fall feels, and spicing (no pun intended) it up with a flannel, or shackets FITS THE BILL. I choose a jean shacket in this case. It was an awesome cross between a jean jacket, which would be my normal grab, and a flannel that is usually oversized.

Workout Set, Jean Shacket, Belt Bag, Birkenstocks

Lastly, is like a play on a more "dressed-up" casual. Blazers are hot right now and are trending for Fall, so we will roll with it, especially with this one! I did casual it down with a cap and combat boots. However, this could definitely be a dine-out type OOTD.

Workout Set, Blazer, Ball-Cap, Combat Boots


There you have it ya'll. Some awesome takes on Athleisure, it might not be a real word, but it is a real thing!

**This post contains affiliate links. This means I could make commissions off links I provide to you. Please read my Privacy Policy here for more information.**

Until Next Time,

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