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August Amazon Haul

**This post contains affiliate links. That means that when you click on a link I have shared and purchase something, I may get paid. This helps me keep this blog free! Of course, you incur no additional cost.***

Can we all agree that Amazon has been kill'n it when it comes to fashion. Even though, there game was a little iffy ( i.e. the odd names, and shipping place etc.), but surprisingly enough I had a goof haul this month.

I want to make this a monthly thing for ya'll to come back to each month, so you can shop my favs!

Here is to the first @amazon haul for @theluxchronicles <3


I have been seeing lace tanks hit the market and they are super cute. Perfect for layering, and so so soooooo comfy. I went with two (one white, one black #basic). These are perfect for everyday wear and also perfect for dressing up.

I did size up in the white and kept with my normal for the black lace tank. Both were of quality material and I'm sure you will see me wearing them non-stop this #fall.

White Tank / Black Lace Camisole


These are staple items that are perfect for cooler weather. I did, however, go with a kimono that is more than summer-y buuuttt still, it has fall colors so #Iwin.

I went with two pieces that really nailed it for me!

For one, the kimono is so versatile, and layering it with the white lace cami makes it stand out so much more! In the picture I paired it with a pair of distressed jeans (here) that I also got from #amazon in a different haul. I was between prints because I knew that floral is more of a spring/summer look, but the green and browns really make this such a good staple for year-round styles.

Kimono / Camouflage Pullover / Grey Duster

The "duster". I'm assuming they call them this because they are so low to the ground, but I guess I can Google that later (so off track). The grey was the most neutral besides cream and a variety of other colors they offered. I am a "vanilla" all the way around, so you already know I was going to with a white, black or grey. Since, I peeked in my closet and saw the majority of my cardigans were of the beige and dark selection, I went with grey. AND I am not disappointed! This is a high/low cardigan with buttons that are functional (the best part). The great thing about this is the fact that it is such a thin material it can be layers with a larger jacket!

Last but not least, a camouflage pull-over! Doesn't cooler weather just want to make you feel snugly and warm??! This will do it! I was a little worried because of the reviews but this is soft and such good quality I am definitely not giving this up. Beware you may see me in this all the time!


This one was a fail for me. There is really nothing compared to a good soft, over sized comfy henley. And this was not it. I think what threw it off what the fit and the lined sleeve detail. It resembled a night long-john more than a cozy casual wear that I was hoping for. One thing I will point out, is that Amazon has an amazing way of making a picture look great, but the product is sub-par at best. I wanted to share the fail, because per the reviews everyone loved it, but no I (said Sam I am...). Still on the hunt for a decent thermal, of course, I will keep ya'll updated!

Thermal Here!


I will be honest, (sigh), this part was purely selfish #sueme. But I am taking a much needed Family vacation in about a week and I needed these for comfort. I will be driving three hours with two under the age of five, and I am afraid it may not go well. So here is to clothes that are comfortable enough in a car, and versatile enough to dodge toys.

Biker shorts... weird, they have popped up on the market as stylish? They are the summers leggings, lets put it that way. And they are oh so cool, and comfortable!! And these @amazon pair are to die for. Hey, at least you aren't dying of heat, right??!! They are a basic legging material but shorter!! High-waisted for mom-pooch cover up #thatsme, and not overly hot.

Next, we have the "I need a vacay" graphic muscle tank. I have had this vacation planned for months... and by months I mean last winter. So in no way was this shirt meant to be funny, because ya'll I NEEDED THIS!!! It is super soft, I ordered up a few sizes so that I could tie it in the front for a more fitted look, and then I untied it for a more over sized loose feel. Either way it was super comfy while traveling.

Lastly, was this lace cover-up. I posted it here on IG for the world to see. And BOY did it get the love. It is a lace material so washing it by hand is best. But it made it through the beach trip!!! So I am going to say if you can make it through an overstuffed suitcase, two babies pulling on you, and a whole lotta sand, its a winner!!

Lace Kimono/ Biker Shorts / Graphic Tank

I did a live try on haul on Instagram. Check it out here! It will be under my highlights on my page!

Until Next Month,

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