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Baby Goodies with BunnyToo!

This post contains affiliate links. That simple means clicking on a link I provide and making a purchase may result in me being compensated. It helps keep my blog going <3. If you have any question please refer to my Privacy Policy here!

As you know we are expecting, and we have been looking for quality over quantity this go round! I mean, who isn't looking for something that last more than a few months... (que the hand raise, by

We recently discovered BunnyToo, a brand on Amazon, that specializes in toddler training cups. They also have this amazing thermos style cup that is awesome for hot/cold drinks, but also... wait for it... soups! Yes, it is that versatile!

With back to school either here, or right around the corner, this will be the perfect addition for the cooler temps creeping in, or just a warm lunch for the kiddos!

They have few designs that you can choose from:

The Insulted kids cup, my personal favorite! This one has an insulted design with a holder so you can just throw it over the shoulder. It also has a replacement top that is used as a pouring mechanism vs. drinking, along with a cup or eating/drinking all the warm/ cool stuff!

Then, we have the sippy with the weighted straw. The handles on this one are removable, so as your baby get older it can turn into a normal sippy!

They also have a sports style cup, that is typically used for older children. This one also a weighted straw, for full drainage, and a water bottle type spout for more flow!

These have been a game changer for us! We have had our oopsies, so I can firmly say these are worth every penny. They are no more than a name-brand sippy, but much more durable and absolutely adorable designs!

To snag your babies some new and awesome cups, simply click the link here, or visit my Amazon Influencer page here!

Until Next Time,

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