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IF there is one thing people should know about closet etiquette is that basics are essential. And by essential, I mean, down right necessity.

Sometimes, I think, that a plain top and bottom are underrated. Your closet DOES NOT have to be full of statement pieces. A plain white tee, and distressed denim, does the trick, I promise.

Since you are here, I want to give you a run down of easy recreatable looks from pieces you probably already own!

There are so many options and so many ways to style them!

I often get questions on how I started my wardrobe, and my first response is usually " I start with the basics."

Plain tees, mom jean, and sneakers or sandals. Then I worked from there! You can layer with a cardigan or tie a knot in an oversized tee. There are truly so many possibilities!

Easy enough I made a list, because who doesn't like list. And there are very little basics that you, more than likely, don't have in your closet now. I, also, picked my top three recs that really pack the most punch for a basic piece!

#bebasic <3

1. Leggings

Now this may be controversial, but leggings are pants. No joke, they have been for years, and anyone tells you they aren't well.... "They missing OUT"!

I have more leggings than I want to admit, but they are so essential for my style! Yes, I wear them for workouts, and YES I wear them out.

There are numerous options for leggings, so get to styling babe <3

Shop Here!

In these three looks, I have dressed them differently for my mood. One is dressed down with just a pullover, and then my infamous faux leather leggings, and my moto's for an extra detail!

Either way, they all serve a great purpose!

2. Jeans

Doesn't a great pair of jean just make you feel right?! I know, it can be tricky finding the ones that are just right, but when you do... JACKPOT!

Some of my favs are distressed, but I do have some that I bust out on occasion for date nights, or family outings. But 95% of the time, I'm in my mom jeans. They work for me and I ain't even made about it!

Shop Here!

As you can see, I love a distressed look! But you don't have to go this route. Over utilize your favorites, because believe me they won't go out of style!

3. Plain White Tee (or any color)

The thing about a "plain" shirt is it can be styled in a plethora of ways. With a cardigan, under a shorter pullover, with a jacket, or by itself. I, literally, just named 5 outfits. So why wouldn't you want this in your closet?

This also extends to tanks, and muscle shirts. Same thing, so many different ways to reuse them!

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I can tell you, I have just about all the colors in my basic drawer. The endless layering possibilities come in handy!

Here is the thing... there are a lot of basic options. You have bodysuits, and button detail jeans, and different color leggings. Literally ALL the options at your fingertips. Choose what works best for you and make it your own!

I have left my LTK feed below, find any of my looks there or my Shop My Looks Page on the main menu!

Until Next Time,

*This post contains affiliate links. That means that I may be compensated for purchased you make through the links I provide. No extra cost to you, of course! Read more in my Privacy Policy here!*

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