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Brooklyn's Goods Collab

It is a new year, and with a new year comes new trends. Or old ones, revamped. This coming from someone who usually goes with the same outfit 99% of the time.

But I also want to expand. In 2019, I really focused on content, instead of collaboration. And This YEAR, I want to collab! <3

I have teamed up with Brooklyn's Goods and can't be more excited! Her clothes are gorgeous and the graphic tees are to die for!

Here are some of her new arrivals:

Click Here to Shop

Her new arrivals include graphic tees, and dainty jewelry <3

She was so kind to gift me two gorgeous items that I can't help but style for ya'll

Her Penelope Knit Sweater, and a trio of dainty bracelets!

I wanted to bring you two different styles to wear this top with the bracelets, which btw, go with just about any outfit!

I paired the top with some white denim and booties, this look is a great transitional into Spring!

I linked the booties and denim here!

I also wanted to showcase the look as casual. Because your girl, she usually in a casual look! In this pairing I added some distressed hemline jeans, flips, and rolled the sleeves! Perfect outfit for a cool breeze day!

I linked the denim and shoes here!

I am totally in love with this brand! I have added links to her website if you love them too!

*This post contains affiliate links. That simple means I may be compenstated for purchases you make through the links provided. At NO extra cost to you! For more info read through my Privacy Policy here!*

Until Next Time,

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