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Carry On, Warrior Review

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

I vowed in 2019 (Not as a resolution, because we all know those suck at longevity) but just a general consensus with myself that I was going to delve into more books this year. Partly, because I knew I wanted to reset myself from television (I have show issues, don't judge!), and also because my dear husband make it a point to say/ask "You used to read all the time, what happened"? My thought: look judgey pants, we have two kids who like to crawl on me like a playground, so there's that. Wish for me to continue? Also, that was (is?) a part of me that I really enjoyed. So, here I am doing my very first book review of 2019!

Let's talk about the author, Glennon Doyle Melton, what a chill ass chick. Personally I think her and I could be besties, but such a world apart we are. She is brilliant in her delivery of accepting, internally panicking perhaps, the world and it's happenings around her. She had a pretty radical lifestyle until she ended up a mommy, and married.

The writing, and what hilarity it is! Glen takes it to heart with her personal stories and thoughts. The one thing I thoroughly enjoy about the literature is her love for God. I recently jumped back into my steps with God, and it made it easy for me to relate to her journey too. She seamlessly writes about all aspects of her life: Her motherhood ventures, her husband (Craig), sister (who she never names), friends, and God (who she also refers to as a woman. Yes G Yes!).

More often then anything she is completely relatable when it comes to our own everyday crazy. We have all stumbled and climbed back up from our hard times, and she writes about her experiences like they are YOUR experiences.

One of the most powerful quotes is at the end of the book where she is imagining God and herself in a room, and G is rambling about all the why's, and how's, and when's. She is looking to God for answers, and she gets zero reactions or responses from her. She realizes that God is so involved in this knitting of a blanket, and she gets even more furious, she pouts about how she is "over it" and is just going to give up, until she realizes that the blanket, so full of beautiful colors is her life. And she tells God, "I am just going to dance".

God responds, "That's all I've ever wanted you to do, Sweetheart. You dance and I'll keep knitting. It's going to be beautiful, Honey. I promise".


If you want a copy check it out here!

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