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Color-blocking It Up

**This post contains affiliate links. All that means is, when you click and purchase something through the link, I may get paid, at no extra cost to you! Read through my Privacy Policy for more info! As always THANK YOU for your continued support of The Lux Chronicles**

The most seen trend so far this season is all the color-blocks and I am here for it! It adds dimension to the entire outfit and believe me it can be stunning!

I compiled a few that are my absolute favorites and I will be grabbing all season long!

When I was a kid, I would never think of Wal-Mart as the go to place for anything besides groceries and paper goods.

Also... I would never be caught dead in "Wal-Mart" clothing. I'm telling y'all, I was already picked on enough, I didn't need another reason to become a target. #middleschoolersaremean .... #itsaweirdstage

But now that I am older and can appreciate a good piece, I ain't even mad that Wal-Mart has up'd it's game in the fashion section.

In fact, Every time I enter that place, I "B" line to the adult section. It's a whole new world, and the prices...YUS GIRL YUS!!!

Color Block Sweater// Levi Jeans// UGG Booties

This color-block legend comes in several different color variations, but the two I picked were a neutral and this maroon number. I went up on size for an over-sized feel (ya'll know my feelings about big sweaters...)

Neutral Color-Block Sweater// Levi Jeans// Steve Madden Dupes

I went with a neutral because, well, I'm a vanilla, but otherwise it really does go with a lot in my closet. I could even see this tucked in a smaller version!

@Walmart isn't the only place I've seen the trend take off. I have seen so many insta-fashion looks that I adore!

@MintJulip this top is the things magic is made of!

When I first saw it, I was a little hesitate, as it is shorter crop than most sweaters. But I was pleasantly surprised with how well it complemented a high-waisted jean.

This could even be paired with some nice (less distressed) jean for a casual day at the office.

The bell sleeve and the color-block blend nicely, so not, for awkward color mis-matching (I am also OCD, apparently).

This will be a definite repeat for date night or casual dinner out during this season!

Mint Julip Color-Block Bell Sleeve Top // Express Jeans // Steve Madden Dupes

My last and by far favorite color-block is from @nordstrom.

It has all the neutrals and all the feels. As in, it is so stink'n soft it feels like a baby blanket. I could wear this thing for an entire season. No lie!

Nordstrom Color-Block Mock Neck// Express button-up Jeans// Just Fab Snack-Skin Flats

Pairing it with a pair of snakeskin flats from @justfab and button down jeans is my perfect fall look!

The mock-neck detail has me hooked this season, but even more, again, is the choice in color-blocking. This for sure will be a repeat offender when it comes to my everyday wear!

Until Next Time,

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