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Copycat Starbucks Bistro Box

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

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If the children you conceived are as picky as mine, then you will thoroughly appreciate this copy cat put-together. It isn’t necessarily a recipe unless you consider boiling eggs a tricky science.

Which, it is…

First things first this “put-together” is fairly simple, all you really need to do is slice or dice, throw all the ingredients in a tuber-ware (If you can find the lid BAH!), and it’s good to go.

Or... you can be fancy and put it in a divided meal prep container (I use these reusable ones from Amazon here!)

OR…. You can be like me and slam all the stuff on a paper plate and call it breakfast. Motherhood at its finest ya’ll!

I’m not going to make this a lengthy thing, because let’s get real you came here for lack of time, so here you go!


· Apple

· Grapes

· Cheese

· Boiled Eggs

· Whole Wheat Bread

· Nut Butter

**Look for tips at end!

Here it is. The snack/breakfast/lunch/all the time meal perfection. Starbucks sells this snack pack for a good $5.95 (You can probably make a good stock pile worth with the homemade version). I got turned on this awesome treat because Mondays… yes, Mondays… I choose to enroll my very picky daughter in dance class at 10 am. Also, Motherhood at its finest. This came in handy when I knew she would at least eat the fruit, and to my surprise she actually ate the whole thing. Probably because I didn’t make it. So, I choose to tell a little white lie when I make these and say I went to S-Bucks when she was sleeping… AND SHE EATS EVERY SINGLE BITE (insert eye roll).

Instructions are straight forward:

Take an apple (wash/rinse/dry) Cut in half. Core or remove inside from each half with a spoon. Lay on flat side and slice. Repeat for both halves. Take a hand full of grapes still on vine (or if your little one is still too small for the hard labor simply pluck off the vine and slice in half (long ways)). I usually use sting cheese and slice it, but what is pictured is cheese from a Sargento pack that my kids insisted are inedible (little do they know). Waste not want not in this household.

Boiling eggs. That truly deserved its own sentence, right?! I actually got this technique from an egg carton, can’t remember which one exactly, but it has worked for me ever since I will gladly share it with the world. Place the eggs in a pan and fill with cool water. Place it on a burner on (high) until a rolling boil. Once there is a good boiled remove from burner and cover with a plate or top and set a timer for 12 minutes. After the twelve minutes carefully pour hot water out and replace with ice water or… If you aren’t that talented, I’m not, use a slotted spoon to transfer eggs to a separate bowl with ICE AND WATER (it needs to feel like you stuck your hand in Antarctica ocean). Leave for five to seven minutes, drain and peel. Mine always come out perfectly peel-able (is this a word?)!

Peel two, slice in half and add it to your box or plate.

Honestly, I added the nut butter option purely for the fact that it is added in the Starbucks version. BUT I am a mother, who knows when kids get a hold of sticky non-solid things, they end up in places unimaginable, therefore it is not included in the picture. However, I do enjoy me some almond butter! Add it or not, it doesn’t make or break the DIY.

And lastly, Whole Wheat Toast. Because what is a snack without a hearty dose of carbohydrates? Answer: It’s not.

There you have it world a thorough copycat recipe, that is homemade. Well, store bought, prepared with love, and we will leave it at that!

**You can use any “type” of fruit, it’s all preference (i.e. Gala or red/green grapes)

**You can be all carb-y and choose a bagel or white bread, again, preference. (OR Omit it if you’re on a special diet)

** This DIY recipe is literally so versatile, I have seen it with veggies and nut butter or hummus, I can be made with sliced turkey or whatever you want!

Starbucks Copycat bistro box
Copycat Bistro Box

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