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Cut-OFF Shorts Tutorial

Tis the season of all things distressed, cut off, and short. This is where the trending world of fashion will be for the next 4-5 months. Are we mad about it? NOT AT ALL.

What are we mad about? Expensive "distressed" clothes. I can't be the only one who walks into their store and is like $50... for this? Hear me out... I'm not pulling a Karen and making fun of them because I am a sucker for distressed but $50 in this economy? No THANKS!

So, I did the next best thing, stole some old denim from my husband and cut them to my liking. He still has no idea by the way lol!


The tutorial is pretty straightforward;

  1. Find pants

  2. Cut to length preferred

  3. To add distressing cut slits into the pockets

  4. Wash/ Dry

  5. Wear!

And they turned out perfect!!! I folded the bottoms up for some character and they are giving all the summer vibes!

I styled it with an oversized tee, Birkenstocks, and a thin belt. The most summer style of it all!

Would you rather buy or make your distressed cut-off shorts? Either way, this will be on repeat this season!


Until Next Time,

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