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Dear Daughter

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

You have some tough days coming up, but I know you will be brave. Three is a tough age, your trying to figure out the world in a new way, mainly not keeping your hands to yourself. The other day at dance you didn’t get a sticker, because of it. Even, though I thought the dance teacher overreacted, I knew that this was a good learning experience. I can’t remember when I was three, I’m not sure most people can. I hope you remember this age, because this is a scary, brave, crazy time. The outburst and tantrums you don’t understand will be understood soon enough, my baby. Interaction with others will be about building relationships instead of finding them. When you were born, do you know you didn’t even cry? You looked right at me, and just made this glare, and I thought she is going to be my tough girl, and babe you haven’t proven me wrong yet. I love that you love with all of you, and not just to the ones you know and see the most, but to everyone. Personal space seems to be an issue, but hey wouldn’t you rather go into the world loving it all, instead of loving it some? I wish I could tell you how your life will play out but I can only hope that it will be filled with good life lessons and bravery. I see all your good, bad, and ugly. Honestly, I don’t even care because all of you is a part of me and daddy, and we love you unconditionally. As I am watching you, and writing this I can already see the human you will be. I am excited for this person. I am hoping that that person will be friendly and help those who others are too afraid to help, I can imagine you putting up your “can do” attitude and picking that kid (the one that never gets picked) to be first on your team. I can see you pushing your way and breaking the glass ceiling in school, and all that jazz. I want you to know that we don’t care if you get A’s or B’s, all we care about it that you do your very best and that you are kind, because kindness goes a long way, kindness makes the world a better place to be.

Love you,

Brinley Mae 2018

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