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Dermaplaning At Home

**This post contains affiliate links. That simply means if you purchase something from the links I have provided, I may get compensated. This helps this mama get paid, and of course, it is no extra cost to you! For more info read my Privacy Policy here.**

Dermaplaning has been something I have been wanting to do for a while. But the price point was just too steep for my liking. Plus I had some additional expenses that I have cut sense that time, but still, it was too steep.

I figured, in the way of the beauty world there would be an at-home solution sooner or later. And thus, here we are!

There are several different options when it comes to "dermaplaning" at home. You have your disposable options, and then your reusable options. I took the latter.

I knew that this was going to be part of my general maintenance for my skin, an I wanted something I could have handy all the time. I'm glad I did because the one I purchased is amazing!

I also did a short time-lapse video on IG (saved in my highlights!)

Flawless- Dermaplaning Glo: I choose to get this one because of all the great ravs about their products. I also have their eyebrow trimmer, and leg shaver! I was so impressed with those, that when I saw this was available I jumped on the idea. It comes with the razer itself, and 7 change options for when the razor gets dull. They also have replacement purchase options. The cost was about $20, and worth every penny!


In the pamphlet that came with the product, it said that "dry, clean skin" was recommended, but when I spoke with an esthetician, she recommended wet skin. I tried out both, and I would say a damp or wet face is better. It provides an easier glide, and also assist with the overdrying effect it has on the face.

The whole concept is to blade away dead skin, and peach fuzz for a more flawless look. In turn, it can cause irritation and over-drying. (more on this later)!

Always pull skin taut and use feather like motion to upward on the face. (This is a friends recommendation, she is an esthetician)

At this point, the directions recommend allowing your skin to rest for at least 8 hours. It also states that night time use is best because it allows the skin to rest overnight. It is not recommended to use lotions or creams on face afterwards because it may clog pores.


There was some mild redness and irritation, but my skin is super "reactive". I get red or pink at the slightest touch, so this is normal. My face felt a little tight but it also was just majorly exfoliated, so I expected it to feel this way.

There was some dryness associated with the treatment. In the Flawless booklet, it said after the "resting period" that applying lotion or creams was vital to replenish skin's moisture.

These are the products I use afterwards. I also took some good ol' esthetician advice and sprayed witch hazel on the face, and prior to it drying, applied Neutrogena Hydro Boost facial lotion to trap the evaporation of the witch hazel back into my skin for added hydration.

Overall, I loved the tool. It did exactly what it said it would! This is definitely something I will be adding to my self-care box!

Until Next Time,

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