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DIY Driftwood Cabinets

I hope this post isn't misleading, because I just happened to do it on cabinets, but it can be done on anything really.

I've seen it done on table tops and old antique furniture that needed a spruce up!

I just so happened to be in the mood for a good bathroom re-do so I hit up the bathroom cabinets.

If you remember on my IG stories I painted them white, and was in love, or so I thought. Then my kids decided they wanted to use those as a step stool instead of their actual step-stool. And the white was not having it.

I scoured Pinterest and how-to's to figure out what I needed and the techniques. To be honest the colors everyone used in the tutorials weren't anything that I was really drooling over, so I had to search samples and swatches from Lowes for an hour to finally come to colors that I loved!

Here is what you will need to recreate the look!

I linked everthing I purchased from Lowes but again you can pick similar colors and achieve the look. You have to play with it if you want a lighter or darker color!

*I bought all water-based products because oil based ruins bushes and you will be reusing them for each coat. So just be aware of the product you purchase. Water-base are always easier to clean up.*

First you will need to sand down whatever surface you will be painting. Some DIY's say that using a primer voids sanding all together but because I had paint on the surface of my canvas I opted for a sand just in case.

Sanding is easy give it a quick few swipes and simply put a little more arm into the raise or drip spots!

Wipe down with a wet cloth and allow to dry before applying the primer.

Second, the primer I have is white which is fine because white seems to make the surface easier to see spot you may have missed when applying the first real coat of paint. The primer will take a few hours to dry, but I promise it is well worth it. I would wash and allow your brush to dry after applying the primer.

Sidenote- Please vent your space or paint outside. Primers tend to be pretty "perfumey" or strong in smell.

Third, begin to paint a good solid coat of Coastal Villa. This base grey color is gorgeous. I almost left it instead of finishing but I wanted to see this through.

I would allow overnight dry time. Yes, I know. But I needed to make sure I didn't miss any spots, which I did. Of course, I touched up those spots and allowed to throughly dry.

Fourth, after an overnight dry time. You will begin with Mudslide and the glaze. Mix equal parts of each and thouroghly mix. The glaze lightens the color and gives a more woody look. You want brush strokes! The more brush strokes the better. BUT please do not pick up the brush until you get to the end. This gives a finished wood plank feel.

This step and the next step have the longest dry time. The glaze is to blame for that but it gives the strokes so much depth!

Allow a 24 hour dry time.

Fifth, Mix equal parts glaze with Ultra White paint. Mix well, and grab a wet cloth or baby wipe. Apply the white/glaze mix in the direction of the brush strokes and wipe away as much or as little white paint as desired (in the direction of the strokes).

Once desired look is achieved, allow an additional 24 hour dry time.

Again, make sure all is dried and apply a coat of the polyurethane. This will protect against spills and protects against little messes on the surface. It also allows easy clean up!

This is the last step but please make sure to apply at least two coats. On the container it says one, but I always do two for good measure. Also allow time to dry before using. The poly can get sticky and will peel the paint if not dried completely.

And there you have it! Driftwood and they are gorgeous!!! I was really excited about the whole look, and think I may be doing a lot more DIY painting in the future!

Until Next Time,

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