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DIY Halloween Sweatshirts

Last year, my daughter and I made our very own Halloween sweatshirts, and it was a blast!

With that being said, I figured let's make this a tradition every year! It is the easiest way to create a craft that is easy an involves kids of all ages.

Last year we decided on ghost for our pattern, however this year, we decided to go with whatever we wanted, and it was still fun.

Parental guidance is advised because there are scissors and hot press involved but otherwise this is such an easy and fun way to celebrate spooky season together!


First, you need to get a sweatshirt. We purchased ours at Walmart, but there are some great choices on Amazon as well. You can even recycle old sweatshirts you have in your closet! We actually put our new sweatshirts outside to fade them, for a more retro look

Second, we choose our transfers. We headed over to Etsy (support small businesses) and choose downloadable transfers!

We decided to choose non-matching, but you can do a family theme like we did last year!

Third, we press! You can simply buy iron transfer, or if you want to get fancy use HTV and a Cricut machine you can.

Iron presses are great for inkjet printers, and HTV uses vinyl. Whichever you choose the end result will be the same!

This is an iron on press. I used a inkjet printer to print the image, then peeled off the sticky back, and use tissue paper to protect image, while I used my mini heat press to iron it on the fabric.

This was pressed using HTV Vinyl, and a mini heat press. Both are different mediums, and both will do the trick!


This is the easiest way to bring in the spooky season and have a sweatshirt to keep you warm and cozy!

What do you think about this tradition? Do you have a tradition you do every year with your family?

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Until Next Time,

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