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Easter Attire

I was going to go all out this year, but with the quarantine situation, I have been on the fence about getting dressed at all.

But I always love making this time of year special. And I decided to throw that notion out of the door and at least get a few options for myself.

I wanted to show a range from super casual to full on church Sunday Service Style!

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I continuously rave about Crazy Cool Threads. They have some of the best christian based graphics around! Affordable and oh so holy (no pun intended).

Use Code AMB10 for 10% off your Crazy Cool Threads purchase!

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I wanted a more casual but played up look too! So I bedazzled my shoes and pulled out a favorite baby doll tank! The cut is so flattering and the shoes give it the pop I wanted!

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For this look, I wanted a dress but dressed down... Yup, you know how I feel about dresses and sneakers!

I found this striped asymmetric dress on Amazon and it is soooo soft and flattering! I paired it with a chambray top that can easily be worn tied around the waist!

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I know I am in Texas, but it is usually still good sweater weather in the beginning of the year! So I popped on a gorgeous blue sweater to assent my favorite pair of white denim (Free People!)


There is a 99% chance you have these in your closet, but if you absolutely have to have a peice I have kindly linked them at in LTK!

Simple screenshot the photo and if you have the app it will automatically take you to my feed where you can purchase. If not, just click the photo or link under the photo and it will direct you!

*This post contains affiliate links. That simply means I may be compensated for a purchase you make through the links I have provided. For more info read through my Privacy Policy here!*

Until Next Time,

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