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Easter Basket Edit

This is so late in the week! Given that Easter is like 4 days away, but to TBH... I ordered it all on Amazon mostly.

Other than the candy because I like to pick that out at least, or eat it...whatever lol

I usually go way overboard when it comes to these types of "gift" holidays. But with the quarantine in full effect it made it a little more easier to pen point what I wanted.

Now that my kids can somewhat tell me what they want, and I know what they need (educational wise) it made it very easy to do the research and pick the best options.


First things first... colored eggs!

We made them homemade, like not a store bought box. We simply used vinegar, water and food coloring.

To mix the colors you can google but for reference:

Red/Blue = Purple

Red/ Yellow = Orange

Yellow/ Blue = Green

Less Red = Pink

They came out perfect, except for the fact that they kids wanted to hide them right away. I always use the excuse that we have x number of sleeps left before the Easter bunny comes to hide your eggs lol!

And yes we only made about 6 or so... It was really trial and error but also boiling eggs and then eating them all... no thanks! So we did minimal boiled/colored eggs, and we order some plastic ones filled with goodies.

We usually do mostly hiding eggs. They get a kick out of what's inside, so we bought two kinds this year!

I decided on one that had stickers, so that they could get creative. And then a batch with some cute little wind up bunnies/ chicks!

I bought a couple of easter baskets that I can reuse again next year! I was on the fence last year because I knew they didn't really understand especially Declan. But this year I am taking the leap to their forever baskets!

Remember the educational bit earlier... I got both them both (the same) color book and colors (not pictured). For one, they have been having issues sharing (whole other story), and they are both about to be in school soon (sooner than I like). Plus they love coloring, it's been a frequent activity since being on lock-down.

Lastly, we got them some fun (kid proof) tablets. Brin and Dec, have both, been super into Noggin lately. Have ya'll tried it?

It is from Nick or an affiliate, and the kids can watch and play along. Blue Clues has been the favorite lately!

They also love ABC Mouse. I can not recommend this app enough! Brin has excelled in numbers and letters!

I digress...

We are usually scrambling to find our phones or charge a device for the kids to play with. I thought why not, and it is on sale right now!

I linked everything in my LTK for ya'll to have at it!

**This post contains affiliate links. That means I may be compensated for a purchase you make through the link I provided, This doesn't cost you more, just helps my little passion project. Here is my Privacy Policy for more info.**

Until Next Time,

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