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Floral Season

Florals in the air (pollen alert). I mean floral pattern season really. I mean flowers are nice, pollen not so much, but I digress...

I am a stickler for floral patterns. I know some would probably venture to say I was a grandmother in my past life. SO BE IT. I love them!

They are probably some of the most versatile pieces I own because they are a pattern that goes with so much stuff!!

I put together some awesome looks from this skirt from Amazon!


Take it as you will but bodysuits go with just about everything, so here we are! I paired this look with a bodysuit, "the skirt", mules, and an awesome hat I came across from a local shop.

Next, I went casual. Simple white tee, baseball cap, and some slip-on sandals. I like to call this my running errands OOTD lol!

Lastly, is my absolute favorite. I love a sweater and floral combo! AND to add tennis shoes to boot... Ok, I'M SOLD!


I always recommend shopping in your closet before going out and purchasing more clothes! But I have linked all my outfit details for all!

Which one do you love the most?

Until Next Time,

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