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Most gift items during the holidays are meant or geared toward woman, because we tend to be pretty easy to shop for when it comes to things that we know we need or want.

For one, Make-up...

For two, Body....

For three, self-care....

Which makes finding a gift for "her" is easier than for "him" (tricky). Of course, if you have someone who also has everything, it isn't that easy either. The point is, we like to lavish our men, sons, man-friends with gifts too! A little love can go a long way during the holiday season.

Believe me, when it comes to finding gifts for my husband, I draw a infinite blank, EVERY TIME.

He is just one of those people, that says "I have everything I need", or "I don't know". Dude, not helping...

So I am here to help, because I'm sure since you are here, you have one of those too!!

I have compiled some of the best and coolest gift ideas under $50, and they are awesome!!!

Man Crates:

If you haven't heard of Man Crates, here is the down-low. They are boxes that are geared toward men. They come in this sealed shut, cement crate that they have to pry open with a crowbar or hammer or whatever!! I got Dustin one for Father's Day last year and he thought it was the coolest thing!

It took him a good thirty to pry it open, so the anticipation was there! This would be a perfect gift for any type of connoisseur, because they have a good variety of boxes to choose from. Jerky inspired to alcohol related!

Shop Here.

As I said, there are a variety to choose from. Really it can be entertaining for everyone, because the suspense is pretty stellar!


I don't know about ya'll but is there anything sexier than a good smelling, beard-y, fresh man?

Nope, the answer is nope.

MMMhmm, let's talk freshness. Ulta has some of the best man kits I have seen this year. It boils down to beards, fragrances and man lotions, but hey, fresh is fresh.

Shop Here.

I will say from experience that Dustin loves a good grooming kit. No, he isn't regular about maintenance but it makes him feel good when it is available. My man takes his beard and stink seriously!


Sometimes it can be cliche when you go for the "simple" #basic gifts. But honestly, do men buy these on a regular? No. Usually not anyway.

Macy's has the best options for your basic gift ideas, and all affordable!

They have brand name socks, ties, shirts, belts, and other accessories that will add to their man appeal.

Shop Here:

I listed all the things that will be quite small but great, because simplicity seems to get "him" feeling great! Nothing like a nice pajama set, or polo to kick off a good feeling!

Home Depot:

Got a handy-man, or a honey-do list a mile long? This is for you.

Tools can range in so many options, and if you are like me, when I see them they all look the same. But, I'm not the handiest. If you got a man in your life that is all about fixing, tweaking, and perfecting then these options may be for him.

Shop Here.

I found a variety of kits that are more than just for a tool- connoisseurs. There was some for gardening, cooking, hunting, woods-man, and booze-y types. I know sometimes finding multiple gift options at one place makes it nice, and Home Depot is really doing that justice!


Regardless of the man you are trying to gift, I hope this gift guide helps find the perfect one for "him"!

To shop the items simply click the collage or red link under the photo. Follow me app!

Until Next Time,

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