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KIDBOX Subscription

Updated: Aug 31, 2019

***I just want to say this first. I am in NO way paid for doing this for #kidbox. I just have had a really great experience and want to share it with ya'll. If a collab comes up in the future, then, I will edit this post <3***

I love clothes, and when I had the kids, not that I wasn't already obsessed but DARN, these boxes hit it out of the park! I usually shop for the season and try to write down (legit I do this... when they have a sale, I buy for future, so I go in with a note pad and have their age so I can make sure I buy the right clothes), anyway, I am that mom, buying for two or three seasons away, AND let me just say, it wasn't working. I would get home, redo their clothes, and I would still be missing key pieces. So I bought into the #kidbox ads on IG ( it happens...often :().

I, personally, had a subscription box and it was going well, so why not for the kids? I threw the idea around for a little while before committing, because I am usually a good clothes shopper (fashion blogger and all!), but I just wasn't finding what the kids really needed, besides basics.

Boy, was I NOT disappointing. Designer wear, and the cutest of cute outfits that were so comfortable and fashion forward for my babies! Here are all the brands they care!!

Kid's Club Mint Plaid skirt w/ Niki B top

Side Note: I actually did not want to post this per the first box we received, because sometimes things are truly to good to be true. The second box was even better than the first, hence, this post.

The designer wear, and season relevance is so darn awesome! Here are a few pieces:

Here is the thing, It saves me so much time with matching box sets. Since, we are normally home, it gives me enough through the season without me having to make additional trips to stores for decent outfits! #momlife

Ya'll they get so excited for their boxes!!! They come with, of course, the clothes, but all The Scribble (a subscription paper) that they can draw on with crayons, and a pencil bag for storage. Usually, at least the last 2 boxes we received, had additional "extras" which included socks and undies (panties if your a lady).


The cool thing behind the box, again, not just the clothes, is that when you purchase the whole box at the kids box price, they donate a box to kids in need.

There are 4 options:

- Military Families

-Immigrant children

-Fostercare/ Homelessness

-ETC. (more Here!)

Jessica Simpson Top/ Hudson Jeans

So RUN! to get your #kidsbox you wont't regret it!

P.S.S **This post will be edited with more "boys" items, I have to tell ya'll my son is not about a feature :(***

Price Point:

I can easily be said that clothes for kids, even though less than expensive than adult clothes, can still rack up a bill. Each box that I have received for the babies has been well over $200 bucks at retail value, but with the #kidbox price each box is a whooping $98!!! That's at least 4 great outfits and a couple necessities (undies, sock, etc.) for the season (more than enough). I could go and without hesitation buy at least $200 bucks of stuff that is mismatched and forget all the things.

So, moral of the story is give it a try!! I promise it will change it up for the kids, and give you the piece of mind that your kids look on time!

Until next time,

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