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Life Changing Curls

I changed up my hair routine. Not for any reason in particular, but I noticed that my curls weren't lasting as long, even though I hadn't changed my hair routine. I thought maybe at first it may have been the wand I was using, but it was still working properly, I just wasn't getting those tight curls I wanted, and they were falling way to soon.

If your like me and like them to last then you know what i'm saying. I want to curl, and them last a least a day or two, and they definitely were not...

So here we are, and here is what I did to change the game...

It really is simple... I started using a smaller wand. IT IS LITERALLY THAT SIMPLE.

I will say, I also used a different brand as well. Don't know if they makes a difference, but the "tightness" of the curl, and the lack of falling completely flat has got me on next level hair care.

I did a tutorial on IG (here). I explained the difference in using a smaller wand vs. a larger barrel, or a straightener. Again, this is just my preference, and it worked great on my locks.

I have to also admit, that I am no where near a hair expert, nor do I think I possess the talent, but this is what works for me and what I want to achieve! Always test the waters on hair stuff. This is pertaining to the heat of the tool, and the tool itself.

Hot Tools: This wand goes from a larger to a smaller width about an inch to a 1/4 inch in size. This tool achieves way tighter of a curl. There is also an option for heat preference, anywhere from 350 degrees to 450 degrees. I use the highest setting, but I would test it on your hair first! My curls usually last from 3 days on without even using hairspray.

L'ange Barrel: This barrel is the same width all the way through. It is a 1.35 inch barrel and it achieves a much looser curl. It has one heat setting, I believe about 350 degrees. My curls last two days at most, and I usually re-curl the 2 and third day hair.

L'ange Straightener: This tool doubles as a straightener, and a "curler". It has settings up to 350 degrees. It achieves a "beach wave" type look. Not straight but not curly, if that makes sense. It usually last about 2-3 days without touching up.

I use very little product when it comes to hair as well. For me, the more product the less my hair "keeps". This may sound completely crazy, but I have thin hair and it literally takes little for it to fall. So I keep my hair products to protectant, and conditioners for extra layer for heat. I do, however, recommend the sea salt texture spray from L'ange. It gives me the texture I want on day 2 and 3. Also, the root lifter from Monat, it doesn't make my hair crispy, which I love because some mouses, and root sprays tend to make my hair too crunchy.

Each tool achieves a different outcome for me. But the smaller wand has blown me away with how well the curls hold. Even after days of no touch-up, and very little hair products, besides my Batisse (also a love of mine, because dry shampoo, where would I be without it!).

**This post contains affiliate links. That simply means if you purchase something from the links I have provided, I may get compensated. This helps this mama get paid, and of course, it is no extra cost to you! For more info read my Privacy Policy here.**

Until Next Time,

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