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Magnolia Indianapolis Boutique Haul

I discovered this boutique a few years back when I was on the hunt for a distressed denim jacket. I had purchased one from Amazon but it was a dud, as in, it was made for toddler and I was so disappointed. So I just pretty much scoured Pinterest and Googled until I fell upon their site.

I'm not sure if it was divine intervention or just an impulse on my part to get a hold of the thing I wanted, but every.single.time I get pieces from Magnolia I am blown away. I shared a post a few weeks ago on Instagram (here) about this dress

The crowd went wild over it. And I don't blame them, it is a beautiful dress, and perfect for just about 3 of the 4 seasons. The stripe detail with the buttons and sweat heart design is just flattering. And not just on me, but on ANYONE. I actually went bra-less with the dress and wore a light slip I purchased from Amazon that gave me some extra coverage.

Shop this look here on the FREE app <3

Since they dropped their fall collections, ya'll already know I was going to be there bright and early 🌞

This first top is something I can see myself wearing A LOT! For real ya'll is there anything else more flattering than a good bodysuit. It holds you in, it hugs your curves, it accentuates all the right things <3

And the thing is, you don't need to be a size zero to wear one, they are flattering on ALL the body types!

I did however, size up one. The issue I usually have with body suits is the length, I naturally have a long torso, so finding a good fitting one piece in general is a real treat most times. But this one piece has the stretch and the material is thin making it more movable.

Even though, as I mentioned, thin, it is not see through and I wore it with a regular strapped bra. I was a little afraid that it was going to be too wide of a neck but it actual fit together and stayed put nicely!

I paired it with a pair of my favorite @abercrombie mom jean and Tory Burch dupes from Sam Elderman.

This is such a good transitional bodysuit, and can literally be paired with just about anything in your closet. In the Instagram try-on I actually paired it with the flannels that are also in my haul. I even think a good pair of black jeans with a leather or jean jacket would be totally fall appropriate and also super adorbs!

Let's move on to the plaids and flannels. Because what spells fall and cooler months more than a thick warm flannel.

Again, I opened this and I just smelled a pumpkin patch. Call me weird but all the flannels in the world have to be secretly made in a wooded dense forest because ya'll it is all I think about when I see one.

I can also appreciate a good thick material, and this is it for sure! It would even be incredible layered under a heavier jacket for the colder months, and used as a light weight cover/ jacket for the months that are warm with a cool breeze.

It has the length so wearing with legging and some Uggs is probably in the near future for this girl <3

Of course, you know your girl wasn't just going to check-out with just one plaid. I saw this dark red and deep blue plaid and ya'll it LITERALLY said my name....LITERALLY

This shirt is more of a shirt instead of the green flannel, but not even upset because here is the deal, it can still be used for the same thing. The material is softer and much thinner but still a great quality. I tied it up in this photo, but it could very easily be tucked into a high waisted pair of jeans. A great layering piece over or under some basics.

I have it paired here with the same @abercrombie mom jeans. I will say that the length isn't quite there for leggings but "do you boo" if that is how you roll, i'm all for it!

In a casual aspect, it can surely be paired with a great pair of sneakers or dressed up with some booties or over-the-knee boots.

Here is to the smell of flannel and all things pumpkin patch and spice. Also here is to all the other things that are going to be left behind because i'ma be grabbing my plaids this season!

Lastly, leopard... need I say more.... This dress is one of a kind. The print alone is worth it, but the over all structure of this dress is incomparable to a lot of similar ones that I have seen.

Can I say when I first saw the dress when I was ordering, I drooled. Like a hungry baby, I totally drooled. Ew.. but not sorry at all. It was even better in person. The pattern and the neutral color make this dress versatile to a point that why would you not wear it everyday. Oh right, be stinky, but still.

The ruffle detail on the bottom skirting is so stink'n perfect. I went TTS with this piece (lg) but could have sized down but ya know your girl, she ain't into tight stuff... usually (i.e that bad A bodysuit from Mags, I can get on that choo-choo).

When I did the try-on, I had it paired with a distressed denim jacket that I also bought a while back from Mags. So that goes to show you, everything goes with it.... everything

Here I have it paired with a faux suede jacket from @justfab

This is a piece you will definitely be seeing me in on the regular <3

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If you missed the try-on hit me up in Instagram and view my highlights!

Until Next Time,

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