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It has been a hellava last few weeks, Am I right? At first the quarantine seemed ok, then came week two and it was getting a little cabin fever-y, and now on week three, and I'm embracing.

It seems like an easy task. Stay home, stay safe, only venture into public when it is absolutely necessary. Then everything is organized, clean, and Netflix is exhausted and then things start to become a challenge.

I was watching the news just this morning and they were talking about relief coming to New York. A naval ship with beds and medical staff to help with non-covid patients, then que the bridge view. I kid you not, about a hundred people standing close to one another and watching..... aren't we trying to avoid spreading this? But I digress...

Now that I am in my embracing phase I am in full on cozy mode. Now, some call me the queen of casual, and in a normal circumstance, that is true. But I now want to claim the name... Cozy Queen lol!

I rounded up my top three favorite cozy looks, and great thing is most of them are on sale. Thanks to this virus (no thanks) retailers are having huge mark downs to help with idol hands, and proceeds benefit those that are less fortunate. Which is pretty fantastic if you ask me!

Loungewear has always been a deep seeded love of mine, but now I have a reason to show- case it, and thus here we are!

Shop Here

I shared this lounge set a few weeks ago on my feed, but it really does deserve a spot in a post! Nasty Gal (if you have ever read her book, you should, or if you haven't seen the Netflix series about her, you ALSO should), by far has some of the best and coziest lounge sets, and they are so affordable, I'm talking under $40. The quality and construction of these not only make it a great day wear, but for sleeping too!

Shop Here!

I premiered this outfit last week in an Amazon Share week. They are just THAT good. And the perfect lounge outfit! Throw on an oversized sweater or pullover and the leggings pretty much do the rest! AND with the warmer months apoaching you won't have to worry about leg sweat, because these babies are above the knee... like the legging of the summer! Pick them up in a few colors here!

I have it shown here another way!

I promise you, biker shorts are in, and I hope here to stay!


Aerie tee's and joggers! Ya'll when I say soft AF... I mean soooofffttt like butta!

By far I have been loving their cropped boyfriend tees, reg boyfriend tee, and light weight joggers. They also have their own line of biker shorts that are absolutely adorable style!

Shop Here

I wear these tee's and joggers every chance that I get!

Whatever your fancy, it is so easy to make a cozy look. I just know that I have tested and approved these for myself, and I hope that you love them too!

*This post contains affiliate links. That means I may get compensated for a purchase you make from a link in this post. No extra cost to you, but it helps run my blog! If you have any more questions you can check out my Privacy Policy.*

Until Next Time,

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