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My Everyday Make-up Routine

Most, if not all, of ya'll want to see more make-up everyday type things in the blog! Thank you polls on Instagram!

Just want to say that ya'll have been so overwhelmingly supportive of some of my first tutorials. I know it may seem sill considering my career choice, but it take guts to get in front of a camera and do something you do on the regular.

Mainly was more worried about yucky kickback about what kind of face I make applying mascara, but nope! I just love ya'll <3

So anyhow, here we are, my first ever make-up routine on film, and it was awesome!

Check it out here!

What's In The Bag?

I'm glad you asked! The most important part was product talk. I mean, isn't that the best part. Look it took me months to conquer contouring, and I think you could easily YouTube about a thousand "beauty" bloggers who can walk you through the process. So I wanted to keep it short and to the nitty gritty!

Here is the list:


Smashbox - Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation : I love this one because it is oil-free, so throughout the day I don't have to worry about my already oily complexion getting "more" oily.

Tarte- ShapeTape : This is the best concealer coverage I have used! It stays on all day and stay's fresh throughout the day.

Makeup Revolution - Banana Powder: A little goes a long way, but I press this into my concealer to help hold it in for all day wear. It also helps with oil control.

Contouring, Blush, Highlighter:

The Balm - Take Home The Bronze : I picked this up from a local store but I found it on Amazon, and it has worked all year round for me.

Makeup Revolution- Blush Palette: I raved about this on my IG stories when I did an Amazon beauty haul. The pigment and transfer from brush to skin is amazing!

Makeup Revolution- Highlighter: I, again, love my palette. The only issue is there is such huge turn-over with this brand that it is hard to find the same palette I have, I linked the closest match to the one I have.

Milani- This is not pictured, but I will make sure that I add some links for ya'll because I have used her in the past and it also has some of the best lasting color.


Charlotte Tilbury - Rose Gold: I was skeptical about this because it is more of a liquid type formula instead of a powder, but the color and wear is absolutely gorgeous!

Benefits- Roller Ball: This mascara has the best pull on lashes.

Dior- Blackout: This gives me the volume I, so, desperately need! Especially after I gave up lash extensions.


Charlotte Tilbury - Pillow Talk: I have been using this lip color for years, it is the best neutral ever!

Primer & Finishing Spray:

Urban Decay- De-slick: I use this both as a primer and a finishing spray! The formula helps reduce redness and helps my makeup stay fresh looking all day!

I have a time-lapse video in my highlights on IG (here). It is a short video tutorial of how I do my ultimate every-day look!

Until Next Time,

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