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My Lash Update

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

A few months back my obsession with eyelashes became, well... way too expensive, It was about the equivalent to a grocery bill.

Yes, so ashamed, but so glamorous. The struggle was real ya'll!!!

But, I vowed when the New Year began, I was going to give it a break for a while. And I did.

However, I was left with, what I felt like, "Nubs". And I was crushed!! Heck, I think I even think I cried a little, dramatics are my thing.

So, of course, I sought out solutions. Serums being the most reasonable. My lash lady always said "Clean lashes, are HAPPY lashes". Why wouldn't this hold true to your natural lashes too?

I'm just here to tell you what I have been doing, and how it's worked for me, plus it's saved me a few bucks too!

There were a few that came from ya'll as recommendations. I want to try all of them but for now, I am just a month in and I am already loving what I'm seeing!

What I Am Using:

Monat- I actually choose this one first because I had it on hand. I ordered it prior to even starting lash extensions and never used it. I know, not a beauty experts! But four weeks in, and I am seeing a difference in growth.

Cons: My eyes are a tad itchy, I could chalk this up to my lashes "growing", or just a build this of product. It isn't too bad, but it is noticeable.

Other Recs:

Farmusi- This is going to be my second try! What I like about this is that it is affordable. The other two are on the pricey-er side. All natural ingredients as well!

VegaMour- Is a new brand that I recently came across. It is the most expensive by far of the three. But the reviews were so good I can't leave this one out!

GrandeLash- This is the one that was recommended but my followers the most. If it works for them, you be I am going to try it out!


Here I am updating my post with GradeLash! I can honestly say there is a lot of new growth, and my lashes seem more durable, if that makes sense, I can rub them and not feel like my whole eyelash strand is going to flake away.

I will say at first that the serum made my eye a little itchy and irritated, so be sure to wash your eye area in the morning, After I added the washing off part instead of leaving on it made a huge difference in the irritation, and sensitivity that I saw before hand. OVerall in the 4 weeks of using this serum I am satisfied. I have a 6 week supply and will continue to use until I run out!

I will be updating it below each lash brand, of course, I will be updating after each month, I have just seen a huge difference in the product I didn't want to start this post 4 months from now!

* This post contains affiliate links. That means when you click the link provided and make a purchase, I may get compensated. There is no extra cost to you, of course! For more info click here for my Privacy Policy!**

Until Next Time,

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