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My Poshmark

At first, I was of the nature to just donate most of my clothes, because I thought hey someone may need these more than myself.

As a blogger,fashion blogger at that, I purchase most of my clothes, with no ROI. especially in the beginning of this venture.

Maybe I don't need to justify myself on this, but I am and I did.

Here we are with Poshmark. It is a re-sale site, that allow you to sell your used (gently) items for a mark-down price. Even though my blog has begun to monetize, it is still in the early stages.

This is just another way to get some return for investments in the future.

I will be posting here whenever I do a closet revamp! All items will be updated as "sold" or "still for sale" as needed.

I'll always try to keep the items up to date with the season, as well.

I may even add some men items, as well as kids items. Mainly kid shoes... because they grow like weeds and one minute they want a pair of shoes and the next they've worn them once, and stuffed in the back of the closet (eye roll).

These are just a few of my pieces! Click here to view my page.

Until Next Time,

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