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3 Amazon Finds You Need!

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

After the #Nordy #Amazonprime and #target sale, and all the who knows how many labor day sales going on, I'm just going to throw this out there and say that Fall has arrived early. With all this prep for the season to come, I went nuts!!!

Ya'll the finds on sale are absolutely insane, and by insane, I mean right down my alley. The price point and the cuteness is up to par this year. I'm going to be realzzz right now. I paused on all the fall apparel last year, and stuck with my outdated flannel and target Ugg dupes, and yooooo I missed out. By the time I wanted my family Christmas photos, all the sweaters and Henley were sold out.

Little did I know, is that you need to buy pre-season sales to get what you want. AGAIN, no shame, I killed it this year!

I am an Amazon fanatic, by practice, of course, but hey when you got a deal. TAKE IT. Also, let's get serious there is something harmonious about online shopping and getting it in one day or two. I always recommend prime, because who likes to wait. ANNND who likes to get dolled up with two children and have less time to shop? NOT I, said Sarah I am.

I finally rendered it, I had to show ya'll what is up with this season (coming up season). BEFORE they are all sold out!

This isn't to rush you into buying, but the trends are the absolute best this year, and with the price point we got chicken dinners! (get it?)

Before we go any further:

**This post contains affiliate links, which means if you click and buy something I may get paid! No extra cost to you, of course, it just helps me out!! Click here for more info.****


1. Lisianthus Felted Belt Hat

I have been on the hunt for a decent and up-to-date head wear for months! One that will be the perfect accessory for any look I throw together! And let me tell ya'll this one is a steal. While the Nordy Anniversary Sale was in full swing, I saw one that was 5x the price, and just couldn't get myself to buy it, even though, and not to be self absorbed, I was looking stinky darling! I flaked and left it on the hate rack #tears. I scoured for dupes, and well, well, well... Look who decided to show up on my screen? This beauty. It is by far my go-to on the daily, not just on rough hair days!

I would call it a dupe but it really is a whole new piece from what I have seen in stores. The color is camel and it is just a great shade for any color you are wearing. It has ties that allow you to adjust for different head shapes/ sizes. You can even remove the belt around the rim, If you feel the need. Check it out closer here, and read all the reviews!

I love this hat option for all types of wear. Everyday with a rocker tee or a cute dress for the perfect date night accessory! As a matter of fact, I wore it with my fav @altardstate high low dress for date night last weekend!


2. Daily Ritual Chambray Top

Chambray tops have been a staple for many seasons, and for some reason they sale out FAST! But really there is no one to blame, they are super trendy and cute. Plus, the layering option is optimal for any fall look. The light blue/ denim material is soft and goes with just about any shade of jean you already own. Easily restyled for a day or night look option.

Amazon recently launched there own brand clothing called Daily Ritual. IT IS RIGHT YA'LL. Price point and quality is what sold me on this piece!

I got the bleach washed. The material is soft,and so flow'y. I sized up for a more oversize look and for layering during the colder days. So cute in so many ways. For buying options, and different color choices (here is the link)!

The best part about this top is the versatility of it. Dress up or down, Summer, Spring, Winter and the best Fall! I paired it with shorts from and Steve Madden dupes for a summer'y feel. Then a white pant, and booties with a hat loo for Fall!

You can't go wrong with a chambray top! Click here for purchasing options :)


3. Let's Get Basic with Amazon Essentials

Along with the launch of their line, they have also introduced Amazon Essentials. Let me just say how soft these are! They come in a variety at pairing options. I'm a grey, white or black neutral girl, but they have so much than that! I have seen pink, stripes and pairing of different colors.

On a normal day, I am #basic all the way, and these tops go with just about every pair of bottom you have. Tuck it in for a more neat look, or un-tucked for a more casual feel. Either way, ANYONE can rock these.

I paired it up for a fall look, with a white pant, and some @target blush mules! This is the perfect transition top between season!


Amazon has been, by far, hitting it out of the park with these killer items. The reviews prove it, along with personal experience!

Stay tuned for more finds coming into the Fall season!

Until next time,

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