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Our Family Fall Traditions

Fall has officially hit the state (of TX, of course!)

The leaves are turning orange, yellow and red and I am in fall activities mode. I don't know what it is about the seasons changing but it puts me in some kind of giddy " I want to do all the seasonal things" phase.

I can't complain, because Brin loves doing new things, and so do I!

I have compiled a list of awesome activities that we love to do as a family, as well!

Pumpkin Patch'n

This year we went to @springcreekgardens AND it was beautiful!!

Here is a video I put together of our little adventure!

Pumpkin Carving

I don't think I have carved a pumpkin in like...years. And let me tell you the arm work is insane! I think I was sore for like a week straight!! But none the less it was fun... and funny.

We ended up having an incident... Brin touched the "goup" inside the pumpkin, and gagged lol... not funny but it was hilarious lol!!!!!

Nursery Hoppin'

This is a tradition we started for a few different reasons.

One, being that flowers are just so darn pretty during this season. Two, the flowers from nurseries tend to last so much longer than from other places (i.e Walmart). No offense Wally World!

So we have visited two this year!

@wildseedfarm in Fredericksburg, TX

@springcreekgardens Spring Branch, TX (where we also went pumpkin patch'n)

Both were filled with some of the most beautiful florals, and fruit trees!! Not to mention the size of their mums!!!


Who doesn't decorate??? It used to be me too!! But then somehow in my ol' age I got sucked into the Harvest Theme, and now I'm obsessed!!!

We usually spruce up the house with candles, pumpkins, florals. Then we decorate our front gate (we live rurally) with a hay bale, and Gourds/ Pumpkins!

(This is from last year!! But the cutest pics of the kids and I!!)


What do you do for Fall Family Traditions?? Let me know in the comment section below!!

Until Next Time,

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