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September Amazon Haul

**This post contains affiliate links. That just means I may get paid if you purchase something through the link I have provided. Of course, it doesn't cost you anything extra, but it helps me get paid. woohooo! See more info here in my Privacy Policy**

For those of ya'll that follow me on IG (here) I did the try-on and it was a HUGE HIT!

In fact, I think pretty much everything I shared is either close to selling out or has already sold out!!

Can I just side note for a sec... I love this community so much. I know that most that are active on IG or other platforms really don't think that a click or a like makes a huge difference, but it does, and I 1000% can say that I am truly blessed to have ya'll support me in this venture <3

**No tears.. maybe (sniff sniff, rub eyes... i'm fine lol!!!) **

Anyway, I love you all, and I wouldn't change this for the world!

The haul... right. It wasn't a huge order, but it sent so many things back, because the quality wasn't there. Even though I love Amazon and their 2 day shipping, the pictures can be a bit deceiving. I for-real don't blame Amazon, per se, for this, but rather the sellers, but it could be regulated more. Any who (again) I hit the nail on the head with the pieces I kept!



I imagine that over-sized, all things color block and stripes will be in style for a very long while. Being a stalker on pages where influencer's have been doing this for years, the sweater looks really haven't changed much, but the details and way they are styled are very much different. I can't complain, I think hidden in the depths of my closet I have sweaters that are decades old. Sorry... not sorry.

I might as well start with the one that was the biggest hit of all!! AND how can I blame ya'll for not loving this sweater. Here's the deal, in most places it is still an inferno outside, which makes for fall spirits and not so much fall wear. This sweater is light-weight, and can easily be transitioned into your fall wardrobe. I did not go TTS (sized up to lg) on this one, because I was hoping for length, but it still is a shorter. May not be the best to pair with leggings but still has good styled with jeans.

I have it paired with shorts, because it is literally 100 degrees here. But it can be worn with booties, mules, or even high over-the-knee boots when the weather decides to start acting right!

Click here and shop the whole look app

Next, was another fan favorite. And boy oh boy did ya'll DM me like cray about it!! It is a piece from Woolen Bloom, and ladies it is pretty as can be!

It has all the feels of a chenille/cashmere/over-sized/ all the things vibes. Show stopper is an understatement. But come on! So back story: I saw another Madewell Sweater that had the same design concept with the white and blue pin stripe (not really pin stripe but "smaller" stripe) and as soon as I saw the price I cringed. Not really because Madewell (I love Madewell, not dogg'n the brand, because it is my jam) has some pretty awesome deals at times, but still, it wasn't want I wanted for that price. And where is the first place we all check when it is something we love, Amazon...

I finally came across this lovely piece, and I knew it was going to make peoples hearts go boom boom! I got TTS (small) on this piece as it was more of an over-sized description. This could be worn in a variety of different ways, including with leggings <3

As you can tell I am really feeling the fall spirit with this haul. This next piece really shows it.

The COLOR is what sold me on this top. What gets any more fall then a deep red or maroon color? Nothing... the answer is nada ya'll!!!

This is such a good movable piece. What I mean by this is, I wanted something that could totally be transitioned for on the shoulder, off one, or off both. This is the shirt for it. I order TTS (small) because the reviews stated that it was also an over-sized type top. Which, obvi, I dig. If you head to my highlight on IG, I show you how easy it can be worn all different way (shoulder wise...)

It is soft, waffle knit type material, but like I said very pliable and easy to move any way you want to style it. It does have a side slit that makes it easier for tucking, and wearing with leggings 😍

Now for the shoes...

I have been non-stop bragging about these Golden Goose dupes ever since I got the order in. And I ain't even sorry about it, not even going to say it.

Look, I love a good "designer" piece more than the normal human, but I just can't get on the dirty sneaker train. BUT I have heard that it isn't just the look of a Golden Goose, the actual support and feel of the shoe are AMAZING. So, I can't fault anyone for jumping on the bandwagon. Who knows, I may, at some point! Until, then I have found these, and they are incredibly comfortable. There is this surprising wedge deal inside that like elongates your legs. Not even remotely joking about this. Isn't it awesome that it doesn't actually make you but a little bit taller and it totally changes your attitude and walk?!

The sit recommended to size up one, but I went up half a size and I actually think I could have stayed with my regular size 8.

They have a variety of colors options including a leopard, and gold glitter <3!

To shop my WHOLE look follow me on the app!

Until Next Time,

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