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Styling Basics

In most cases, I am reusing all of my basics on a weekly basis. When building a closet that is fully used it is important to remember that you always need to start with the basics. I'm talking white, black, and neutral colors and build from there with accessories, etc.

In this tutorial, I will be styling a bodysuit (which is super trendy right now) with a basic pair of distressed denim.

**Sidenote; Jeans are the longest-standing fashion trend to date! They have been in style for decades at this point. Find a pair you love, and rock them religiously!**


My rule of thumb has always been in 3's. What I mean by this is; If you can style or wear it three ways (it can be more), it is probably worth buying.

The first look is the basic of basics. I simply added a heel. This look would be perfect for a date night, or even a brunch meet-up! Just adding a little bit of height with the heels has elevated this outfit.

With Fall, essentially here, lets accessories with fall must-haves. An oversized cardigan, and bulky sandals. This reminds me of a slouch day but elevated enough to go about your day around others.

Lastly, Business casual. This trend is pretty popular with the change of the season. Not only is the pattern of this blazer really in, but the style also elevates it to seem more business vibes. I added loafers for an extra business feel.


No matter how you are styling your basics, I hope that you feel comfortable! This, I think, is key!

How are you styling your OOTDs this season?!

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