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Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Wow.. just wow

Is this what the bottom looks like? I had just graduated high school when the economy tanked in 2008, and there was nothing for work, and a ton of businesses shut down.

Now, given, I was only 18 or 19, and had no idea of the economic devastation that some had faced, it was still a pretty terrifying time.

This is a little different I will say, because this literally escalated in a matter of weeks!

Now, if you aren't a small business owner, or don't work for one it may seem very different. But for those who have literally put their life, their money, their soul into their passion and it fails, not due to the lack of work or love, but the lack of customers because of an economic down turn is absolutely gut- wrenching.

Even as a newbie blogger, where most of my income comes from teaming with small businesses, and collaborations, and people making purchases from my recommendations, this is absolutely scary.

Here I am, pouring my heart out to let you know that these "small businesses" mean BIG things to the people that own them.

Thankfully, we have so many people out there that want to share what they do! And I, also being grouped in this, want to share as well!

I have compiled a list of awesome small businesses from ALL over, so you have access to all of what they have to offer.

In normal circumstances, I would provid links to my LTK, and I will when it comes to my outfits, but most of my links will be directly to the person's web page where you can make a purchase if your interested!

**I may or may not be compensated from affiliate links (LTK), no extra to you, just how I run my blog! Privacy Policy here**

If you want to be featured please contact me here with all of your information!


Brooklyn's Goods


Always Stylish Mamas (@alwaysstylishmamas-shop)


Crazy Cool Threads


Daisy Bliss Beautique


Asher Kate Official


Meadow Lane Monograms


Brimm Boutique


Emily Martinez Photography


Hannah Phipps w/ Amway


Ashley with Youth Living

use code 10268412 for a sponsor number!


April Rose Photography (Fredericksburg, VA)


Brittney w/ Monat


Jodi w/ Arbonne


Sugar Mae Craft


Farm House Market (Spring Branch, TX)


Fide Law


This does not include countless bloggers/ influencers who have supported each other through this whole ordeal!

When you see someone share something, it is because they believe and genuinely love the product they are sharing. Show them love, we work hard on our content!


This is just the SOME of the icing on the small business cake ya'll! Please help those who have been effected by this virus! Let's support one another, and thrive off of each other.

If you know any more small businesses that would love to be featured, please DM me or go to my contact page and email me all your info!

Until Next Time,

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