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Teaming Up with ACTA

After I had Deco (Declan) it was fifty million times harder to stay on track with fitness, and healthy ways. Adding a baby to the already chaotic household, let little to no time for #selfcare. This is typical motherhood problems, I suppose, but working out was my jam ya'll. It is just the amount of me time, with a great booty (my booty!)!!!

What's better to get that booty moving than some good feeling workout clothes. By clothes I mean leggings (come on ladies, we love our leggings!). I have tried many brands, and by many I feel that it is safe to say almost allllll the brands.

I was approached by ACTA to test out some products and promote what they had to offer. One thing that struck me was that a portion of the proceeds they make off sales is donated for a few different causes:

If ya'll know me, then you know how crazy I can get about research. Sidenote: I am one of those insane people that ask the telemarketer on the line how much is actually going to a cause vs. what is taken for the payroll they are receiving, most of the time it is cents on the dollar that is actually donated... I swear ask the question ya'll!!

I delved into finding out how true the donation part was. Not because I didn't believe them, but if I'm going to represent a Brand, I want to know that I am representing it correctly!

Ya'll legit doesn't even describe the amount of charitable work ACTA does. The four dots on all their athletic gear represents the four charities that they are involved with (links on each cause). If that isn't commitment about how passionate they are about their brand and how they want people to thrive on it, then please tell me what is!

Backstory: The company started, and is still running as a husband/wife team! Such a cute picture right?!

The mission is simple, they want people to better themselves not just in the physical aspect, but also by impacting others by being part of charities that make a difference.

Because who doesn't want to feel good on the inside and out?!


On top of being a sucker for good workout clothes, I'm also a mother, so being in leggings and all things athleisure are a must when it comes to my day job. #momlife

Do I want a good butt, and abs, and legs for days? Yes, I do. So hence forth, my acceptance of ACTA ambassadorship!

Look, I've always been passionate about health and fitness. Not only for myself, but I do genuinely love helping people. It makes my heart go boom boom ❤❤❤😍.

In a previous post (here), I actually talk about BB and how I have been a part of that community for years! Love me a good #ShaunT workout!

I invested in me, so that I'm not pouring from an empty cup, ya know?

But in the process I found ACTA. And here we are today <3

When I finally got my shipment, I fell even more in love. The quality, and designs are so darn flattering on all body types.

I'm just going to put it out there, I had two babies in a span of a year and a half. My body went through it! To say the least, I have been working on it since, well my daughter is going to be four. SO there's that.

I digress...

The Seamless Collection has officially blown me away. When I originally placed my first order for the jacket and leggings, I was obsessed. But the Seamless line, is even better. Ya girl loves her some comfy athletic wear, that can double as athleisure, and this collection does it!!!

I was obviously having fun with this one, but still! Another thing that sold me is the overall general fit. I could have easily went with my normal size, but I decided to go with a large and it still fit, with more than enough hug on my curves. The sizing in my opinion is big!


Because we all know that woman harp on these things. As much as I hate to say it, it does...

So being able to versatile in sizing makes a difference to me. I may be being silly but that's me!

Click here for this little black number! ( Don't forget use code sarahlux4070 for 15% off!)


Color Inspiration:

Can we have a moment of silence for all things pretty....

The Seamless Collection is packed with color. The inspiration behind it is the colors of the collection are from an OCEAN SUNSET!!!

If that doesn't convince you, then you are pure Satan. Not really... but close.

Again, it isn't just about the colors. The perfectness of this whole design has got me on another athletic level



The pieces I was sent to try were two color of the tops, two bottoms, and one sports bra. I honestly wanted a variety, I wanted some of all the colors, but I choose my favorite, so I could showcase them in a variety of different ways.

The fit and motion of the collection is seamless, and it lives up to the name for sure! As I was doing my try-on (check out IG!) I don't think I needed to put anything back into place once. If you are into any kind of circuit style/ high movement workouts this is a must!!! No one likes to constantly be pulling at their clothes.

It is a high waisted full pant that is perfect for hiding any pooch (for mama) and it flatters the hips and booty so darn nice!

Can I say breathable. I did the try-on and photos and the amount of "air-flow" to keep me cool in this ninety degree weather was amazing!

I know we already took a moment of silence for color, but the COLORS!!! Such a great combo on colors and they ALL go together, making it easy to mix and match different pieces.

Overall, I am very exciting to be working with this brand. The general business model, and quality and love that goes into the product will keep customers for lifetimes!

Remember follow this link and get 15% OFF!!! A perfect start to a great product!

Until next time,

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