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The New LTK Chapter <3

Well, I did it!!

Finally found my niche and i'm going to run with it. One of the most important things as a fashion blogger is your public platforms. Instagram and Facebook are important, but to monetize you want to be part of the Like To Know It platform!

Think of it as a Pinterest but shopping, where all the influencer's put their outfits and all the home decor in one spot for you to get in one click. No scouring the internet, just a simple click, buy and done. The best part, it literally cost the consumer nothing, but it helps to keep blogs (like this one) free, because you help support them.

Not going to lie, monetizing my blog wasn't in the cards for me, at first. But then, it took off. THANK YOU! And now it is my life, and I want to keep it going for ya'll, because I love ya'll. But all things fashion, beauty, home decor etc... it can get pricey. So, here I am explaining why it's so important to me!

Click here to download the app

Follow "theluxchronicles"

Shop my looks <3


So you may be wondering "Why is this so important". Not is it such a good tool for monetizing but it is also another platform to unite with others in the same industry. Networking, you say? YES!

If no one is seeing, liking, and engaging in your post, then it is all for not ya'll!

My biggest goal in the first year of blogging was becoming a voice. A REALLY LOUD ONE <3. My love for all things fashion, and trendy made me realize where my passion really laid. I want to help style and provide relevant greatness in all's physical appearance, but deep down when you look good you feel great. Yes, cliche, but it's a fact. The Like To know It app, echos that for me, and hands down keeps me going.

Yes, again, it may be another platform for you to join (FREE) and search for dozens upon dozens of different styled options, and honestly ya'll it makes the blogging world go round when my people hit me up on ALL of them. It means, I am helping and that really means the most to me!

How to Use It

Simply download the app on your device (apple or android, both are compatible).

You can search for me "theluxchronicles" and follow me.

One thing I love about the app is, is there is no algorithms. It feeds what is posted in order. No who has more likes or followers. The shopping is unbiased, and very user friendly.

Once you have landed on a picture that you love, click and it will give you images below the caption that directly take you to the advertisers site to purchase.

See below the dress photo I posted on LTK and IG. I linked all the exact same items I am wearing, plus some others that are similar in price and style. This gives you the option to make it your own.

Again when you click the link, it takes you directly to the link of the product at the advertisers site to purchase.

It truly is a one stop place, for all things reviewed and you don't have to go searching the internet for hours, when it really is in one spot!

Another cool thing about the app is, it's there when you need it immediately, and it is also there when you are looking but don't want to shop. It allows you to "save" items that you may want in the future.

The heart icon, allows you to keep all the items you may be interested in later. Like a list of maybe later things <3

It is truly that simple. No obligation once clicked.

I am beyond thrilled to start this next chapter with this blog and this new platform!

See ya'll there <3

Make sure to search all LTK images on my new page to the blog under (here!)

Until Next Time,

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