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The Ultimate Jeans

*This post contains affiliate links, which means, I get paid if you buy something through the link, no extra cost to you. Read my Privacy Policy for more Info.*

It is the Official WEEK of #denimforeveryone week. Fun fact, jeans are the longest fashion trend in the world. That's right they backdate to the 1800's. Bless the one who found and invented this durable material (also that was Levi Strauss and some guy named David, yup I know, but it's true y'all). First it was a trend for men, as the durability was tough as nails (men,their trades and such...) But as always women have taken it over as fashionable, trendy, and beautiful center pieces for up-to-date attire.

Also jeans are life now-a-days so there is that.

But I digress.

Throughout the years the different trends have circled around and around. Bell bottomed, high waisted, mom jean, distressed, and let's not forget skinny. It is a never-ending cycle of hug the curves material for all shapes and sizes. There is really one fits all with these (i.e. sisterhood of the traveling pants come to mind, thanks ladies <3).

I am here to share some of the best pairs I have come across. Now this may be specific to me, but let me tell y'all these are for everyone!!! I have been through the sizes, with two pregnancies back to back, I have gone through a plethora of sizes and no matter what there is just those few select ones I ALWAYS go back too.

Okay, let me tell you something, it isn't just about jeans, it's about denim in general. It has evolved to jackets, shirts, accessories, and much more! I scoured my closet and all the sales to put together some of the best looks that are made for all.

Back Story:

LTK host with a variety of different brands to put on sale EXCLUSIVE only to the LTK app. In order to receive the discount you have to purchase through the app. Follow me, and shop my looks including the looks in this post!


I'm just going to jump right into my absolute favorite! These @abercrombie mom jeans are everything and more. They tuck, they hold, they are casual, and they are distressed.

What more can a girl ask for?

These are a great medium wash that make it easy to pair with just about any outfit outlook you are wanting. In previous post on IG, I have worn them with soooo many things!

They literally hug me in all the places, and I can wear them throughout the day without any stretch or constant pulling up!

This is a deal breaker for me btw, I can't with a good pair of jeans first 30 minutes, then they stretch and it's constant tug, tug tugging.

If I had to choose a specific pant that I would live in, it would be these. I am forever grabbing for them, because the fit just goes with everything.

I did go up one size, because of the high waist (29), and I will say the distress is very durable. I have watched these a few times, and they haven't ripped (more) than they already were.

The mom jean selection is killer at Abercrombie, I pretty much "B" line to them when I visit the store front. Now the distressed are my absolute fav, but these are my next in line. They are the completely same jean, except a lighter denim wash with less distressing!

Again, the fit and feel of them are obsessive.

I have these lighter wash paired with a over-sized sweater, which I usually go for in the cooler months, but I have also paired it with bodysuits, vintage tees, and crop tops.

I can't say enough about how amazing I feel in these! Check out all these looks app by downloading and following me @theluxchronicles


The Black jean is back, and it's back for good. I know a lot of people, or at least I have gotten comments, on how 90's it feels to have them back, along with the distressing. BUT I'm sorry, if it's wrong then I don't want to be right ya'll!!!

What do I really need to say about these. I have worn them a hand full of times, and I am ALWAYS getting compliments. AND not just from the "younger" crowd, but my grandmother actually made a pretty nice comment about them. I call that #winning !

These have super stretch, as they are part of the curve pairs they have more move-ability. There is distressing throughout the entire jean including the bottom, which makes for good boot wear, due to length.

If you have been on the hunt for a good pair I would definitely snag these!


The WHITES, they ain't just for before Labor Day. They for every season. Can we pause, and just say that white is pretty much all the seasons color. It goes with everything, so why not wear it with everything? EXACTLY....

I paired it with some Steve Madden booties, and a chambray top from @amazon. They transition well into day or night wear.

Another thing about these is the buttons. Come on, I'm a sucker for little details and this just adds to the glorious-ness of the pant!

Also you see that I paired it with a olive green bodysuit, yup, they ain't see through either!!!!


Lastly, shorts.

High-waisted, distressed, cozy, and a good length for booty coverage. These are by far my most grabbed pair!

I wasn't sure if I was going to share the shorts, but since the weather wants to stay in the 90's I figured why not???

I shared these in my Port A famliy trip and ya'll loved them. I can't blame you, they are pretty fantastic!

Moral of this post, there is jean/pant/denim for everyone, and these are mine <3

Until Next Time,

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