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White After Labor Day

I'm not sure who started this rumor but what an awful thing to say! White is literally the color in everyone's palette and it also goes with pretty much ALL things.

Seems silly to expel a color simply for existing. Also, when after Labor Day can we begin wearing it again? This whole situation is confusing and unnecessary, to be honest!

So here I am breaking the trending wall and wearing all the white... all the time!

Let's talk about the color white and how versatile it can be. Most staple pieces if you do a deep dive into your closet are probably white or light color.

Not only does it go with darker colors, but it also goes with lighter colors. you can see it in this style. it isn't monochromatic, but I was able to mix and match shades of white and make them go together

Top, Cardigan, Pants, Shoes

You definitely don't have to go all out with white all the time either. It can be as simple as a dress with tan tones to bring in different seasons.

Dress, Cardigan, Shoes

Some words of advice for any season is, do you! If you want to wear white wear it! IF you want to wear black in summer, WEAR IT!!!!

Top, Jeans, Boots

Tell me how are you going to be breaking traditions this season?!!

Until Next Time,

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