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Business Resources

Some of you have asked what resources and products I use to build and launch my site. This is my resource list and it is ALWAYS growing (check back for updates!). 

Whether you are a seasoned blogger or a beginner we could all use a little inspiration to enhance their online business!

These are my honest recommendations, that helped me build my online business, and help me side-hustle the heck out of it! This page contains affiliate links. Read Disclosure for more information. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Legalizing The Blog

Legal Bundle.png

I was not about to spend hours writing a Privacy Policy I know would be allll wrong, so I went with the Legal Bundle, this is trusted by hundreds of bloggers!  

If you are wondering why you need this and all the options they have to offer, check it out here!

The Website/ Hosting


There are multiple platforms that do themes and hosting for you but I loved the design options and the "I have no clue what in Jesus's name I am doing" but we can help you get through it step by step process. Honestly. I am not (nor do I claim to be) educated in HTML or code, and real talk... not interested. I will leave that to the professionals at Wix. It was easy to navigate and set up, they even let me see the design and layout prior to purchasing! A Lot of sites require all the moolah (a.k.a money) up front but not them. Super helpful customer service, and have been with me every step of the way! Check it out here

Gallery/ Stock Photos


When I first began my blogging venture, I was a little hesitant of stock photo companies, but let me tell you what a game changer it was for me. I am more a do it yourself kind of gal, but taking pictures (and perfect ones at that are extremely time consuming! So I went on a search for ones that fit my style and lo' and behold Haute Stock. Best investment EVA! They have two types of options a quarterly and yearly membership, take a look here.

Fonts/ Stock Photos

Along with Haute Stock, I also discovered Creative Market. I really do love this site. It has different graphic designers who license out their work. It's like a small business site for starving (maybe?) artist. I haven't found something I don't like on this site. Also you get free downloads every week!

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